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Full-stack developer
Ishan Vyas ◦ Ahmedabad
Software Engineer
Dmitriy Kazakov ◦ Russia
Dhaval Vaghela ◦ Ahmedabad
QA Engineer
Rodrigo Costa ◦ Brazil
Software Architect, Solutions Architect, Lead Software Engineer, Principal Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer, Software
Bernard Alcouloumbre ◦ Rio de Janeiro
Rachel Bicknell ◦ Ashburn, VA
UI/ UX Designer
Vova Tsurkan ◦ Ukraine
Graphic UI/UX Designer
annie lahairoy ◦ Jakarta Indonesia
Sr. UX/UI Designer
Kyle Hinze ◦ Portland
Security engineer, security analyst,
Ashish Mane ◦ Pune
Full Stack Developer
Arvin Kent Lazaga ◦ Philippines
Frontend Developer
Natali Artemova ◦ Moscow RF
Jonathon Wilks ◦ London
Josie Harrison ◦ The Netherlands
Leann Lucas ◦ Morgantown wv
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