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Jackson Chandranathan ◦ Bermuda
Software Engineer
Maanas Arora ◦ Toronto, ON
Finance and Accounting
Brad Nguyen ◦ Houston, TX
iOS Engineer
George Gulyaev ◦ Tashkent, Uzbekistan
salim bellakhres ◦ Algeria
Catherine Mirarchi ◦ Boston, MA
Product designer, UX designer
Sasikumar C ◦ Bengaluru
UX Designer, UX Researcher
Melanie Biton ◦ San Jose, CA
Veronica Puymalie ◦ Buenos Aires, Argentina
Talent Executive
Svetlana Revena ◦ Kiev
Jon Lakefish ◦ Bellevue, WA
Product management Project Manager
Michele Chandler ◦ Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Jerard Bracey ◦ Illinois
Assistant, customer service
Christina Jacob ◦ Texas
Sheree Sanders ◦ New Orleans
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