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Back-end developer
Harrison Phan ◦ Vietnam
entry level python
Reyes Delestal ◦ Spain
Back-end developer
Nicolas SAILLY ◦ France
Admin, coaching, case work, HR
Ryan Schwalm ◦ Chico, CA
Derrick J Jones ◦ United States
B N ◦ Garden Grove, CA
Graphic Designer
Napoleon K. Irianan ◦ Nigeria
Front end developer
Ayo krane ◦ Nigeria
Information Architect
Rebecca Harper ◦ Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
Analytics Engineer
Pranav Marla ◦ Hyderabad
UX/UI Designer
Olia Zavitsanou ◦ Athens,Greece
Customer Service
Ime Killi ◦ Nigeria
Data Scientist
Vladislav Soldatov ◦ Royston, UK
UX Designer
Jonathan Sebunya ◦ Berlin, Germany
Back-end developer
Ionel Adrian Spalatelu ◦ Romania
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