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Back-end developer
Nedim Mulaosmanovic ◦ Bosnia
Graphic Designer
Grace Kawashima ◦ Brazil
industrial designer, UX designer
Steve Jennes ◦ Phoenix, AZ
Brand Designer, Logo Designer, UI/UX designer
Flamur Krasniqi ◦ Kosovo
Alex Bradbury ◦ London
product owner, php developer, WordPress developer, product manager
Eric Culus ◦ belgium
Full-stack developer
Chandra Bharadan.c ◦ Chennai
Graphic Designer
Md khadar ◦ hyderabad
Back-end developer
hiran nuwangaa ◦ Colombo
Michael Mclaughlin ◦ Rochester NY
UX Designer, wordpress developer
Bryan Supatra ◦ Indonesia
Front End Developer / UX
Seyi Ajayi ◦ Africa
Montrell Hamilton ◦ Philadelphia, PA
Full Stack Developer
Lakmal Kankanamge ◦ Colombo, Sri Lanka
Jeff Nabors ◦ Orlando
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